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Why not benefit from our experience?  We have been helping rural churches from across the denominations and around the UK since 1988 (previously known as Rural Sunrise) but our leadership has wide experience of over 50 years with involvement in researching, writing, teaching and activity in rural ministry and mission.


We have worked in all kinds and sizes of village.  We realise that rural communities are sensitive areas for evangelism and that getting it wrong is not an option.  We can help you get it right.

What are the RMS Distinctives?

We have worked with all the major Christian traditions.


We understand what makes rural communities distinct.  We have experience in working in a wide variety of rural communities from very small to larger.


We understand rural church leadership issues.  Our advisers have had experience of settled ministry in rural churches.


Our costs are heavily subsidised.  It costs nothing to start a consultation and amazingly little to get high quality advice and support.


A major focus is working with rural churches to develop appropriate and sustainable bespoke mission strategies.  We mostly work with historic denominations. We believe that all churches should be missional but that one size does not fit all.


Our considerable experience enables us to tailor what we can offer to meet the needs of any local church.


We  are ready to be flexible.  We can offer short term support or, if requested we are happy to 'walk with you' over a period of time until you are comfortable to manage on your own.


We always start by listening carefully to you.

Want to know more about the Christian faith?

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New Children & Family Ministry Adviser

Find out how Katrina Thomas can help you. Click yo read more.


New pages added to the Tailoring Mission Section

We are building a useful workbook based on the proven work we have done through some of our mission consultations.  While this section is growing you are invited to explore the chapters and make use of the material.  Click here for more.

Oxford Diocese - Mission & Discipleship Event

Find the Paper and supporting PowerPoint presentation relating to the event organised by the Diocese of Oxford.

Rural Evangelism Survey Report

The results of a survey into rural evangelism can be found on News and Events section.

No Ordinary Man

Check out the section on "No Ordinary Man".  We are giving away hundreds of copies of this excellent book to rural churches in the UK.

Thank you for your prayers and Support

You faithfulness in prayer and support for this ministry are vital to us and veryt much appreciated.  The easiest way to keep up to date is to sign up for the weekly emailed news.  This is also published at ruralmission.blogspot.com