Why Rural Mission Solutions?

Our name indicates the geographical area for which we have concern. The name is plural because there is no one rural culture so there is no one mission strategy.


There are around 10 million people living in the rural areas of the UK.  In the mid 20th Century, most villages had both an Anglican church and at least one non-conformist or free church.  Since then there has been marked decline in both the total number of village churches and the size of their congregations.  Church services are less frequent, the average age is high and it is rare to find a village church with a thriving chilrdren's ministry.


Villages vary in size and proximity to the nearest town.  Village shops have largely vanished, bus services are less frequent, and  village pubs are joining the many closed village churches.  


There are few organisations that offer specialist evangelistic ministry appropriate to rural culture in the UK.  Those that exist, do not even reach 2% of the rural population in any one year, and is far less than the rate at which the rural population changes.


Realising that the presence of rural churches should be central to a strategy to re-evangelise the rural areas, Rural Mission Solutions seeks to inspire, encourage and equip village churches for mission.  The two main ways in which we do that is through local rural mission consultations and our programme of webinars and videos.  Despite limited internet access in some areas, 94% of rural households have broadband internet access, enabling them to access some of our online resources.

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