Working with Children and Families

Many rural churches and small urban churches either struggle to maintain a ministry to and with children or they opt out because of limited resources.  However with a little advice and encouragement you could once more have an effective children's work and build bridges to younger families.


The most common problems small chhurches face are...

  • We don't have anyone with appropriate skills
  • We have insufficient people
  • We don't have appropriate space
  • Children & families are already busy on Sundays
  • We have a few children but a wide age range
  • We cannot find appropriate resources

Most difficulties can be overcome with some experienced advice.  Sometimes, sharing resources with another church is possible.  Two or small churches working together might open possibilities.  If you cannot sustain a weekly event, then do what you can manage.  That might be once a month of even something special four times a year.

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