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More and more people are discovering the benefit of attending our online seminars.  Although they only last 45 minutes we manage to pack a lot in and offer additional free resources each time.  The specialist knowledge that is shared might notmally have been only available at a Seminar you would have to travel and pay substantially for.


Here are a few of the comments received following our most recent webinar.  They are typical of the comments evoked by our webinars.


I really enjoyed the webomar, it's the first. Afterwards it seemed to be relevant, challenging, but also encouraging, so thank you very much. God bless you and your ministry.   R.A.
Thank you, Barry.  It was really helpful. LM
Thanks Barry, another resourceful webinar. 
My curate and I sat and watched this one together and followed it up with a  discussion.  This worked really well and next time I will invite our ministry team of readers to join in.  
I hope this is "allowed" as it doesnt give you any figures of who is watching it. 
Thanks again  TW

Many thanks Barry. It was very useful but I was a bit late logging in and also kept been distracted by visitors to the house. Are the slides available somewhere? Or even a recording of the seminar?   Many thanks for your really useful ministry.  MB


Almost all who completed the survey after the webinar said that they had found it very helpful and would be recommending the webinars to others.
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