Can Rural Churches be Missional?

This was the topic of the webinar held on Saturday 28th April 2017.  Drawing on his extensive experience inworking with a wide range of rural churches throughout Britain, Barry Osborne explained the steps he believes need to be taken in developing a culture of mission within a rural church.


Unfortunately the recording of the webinar failed but you can see the presentation below.  We apologise that the commentary was recorded when Barry's voice was tired and for the consequential occasional cough!

Script for David & Goliath
Develop a "Can do" culture in your church. This account from scripture illustrates that God often uses those that others might think too small.
David and Goliath No Contest.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [51.5 KB]
Script for Loaves and Fishes
Encouraging and confidence-building. The disciples thought the challenge was too great and what was available was too small, but Jesus knew what he was going to do.
Loaves and Fishes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [53.1 KB]
Evangelism Exercises
Four simple exercises to help people better understand evangelism. The exercises should be used in the order they are presented. Well worth using in any situation but ideal for a church away-day,
Evangelism Exercises.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [240.5 KB]
United in Mission?
A challenging cartoon that can be used as a useful discussion starter.
United in
Adobe Acrobat document [261.8 KB]
Prioritising model
Every church has a finite amount of money, people, time, etc. How is this being used in the light of our desired priorities. This model demonstrates the dilemma and shows that if something is more important it might be necessary to move resources from another activity if additional resources cannot be generated.
Prioritising Example.pdf
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Strategy Modelling Example
When there are several good ideas being considered, or several different objectives desired, how do you focus on the best? This is an example of a table that proves helpful.
strategy modelling example.pdf
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