A Free Consultation

We would not expect you to want to make a commitment without getting more information.  So we are happy to arrange someone to visit you and hear about your situation, answer your questions, and give you more information.

This is without any obligation on your part.

If you are happy to proceed we can begin looking for dates and planning the next step.  Remember you go one step at a time and you remain in control.

While this initial visit does not incur a fee we ask that you cover travel costs (we will tell you these in advance and seek to keep them low) and provide overnight accommodation (if necessary).

To make the most of this initial visit think carefully about who you would want to be involved.  Obviously it is important to meet with the clergy, minister or leadership team.  But there may be others whose support you need to obtain.  Perhaps you need to arrange several elements in the one day.  For example:

  • A tour of your situation.
  • We will listen to your story and answer your questions (perhaps over coffee).
  • A later meeting the same day would involve a Presentation setting out the elements of the tailoring mission process.   Further opportunity for your folk to ask questions.

You need to feel comfortable with us and have confidence in us.  We would expect no less.  You might want to ask your folk to respond immediately, in which case you won't want one of us around.  If you are going to do that why not have some refreshments after the presentation while equipment can be packed up and we take our leave.

If you choose not to proceed we will not be offended and you can still call on our services in other ways should you wish to do so.

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