"Mission Can Be Fun"

Adaptable strategies that are designed to fit and suit your church

It is probably true that in most rural churches the very idea of engaging in mission creates a negative reaction.  But this is usually because the words "mission" or "evangelism" conjures up images that would seem out of place in a village context, and sometimes alien to the beliefs and practices of the people in our churches.


Prior to establishing Rural Mission Solutions (previously known as "Rural Sunrise"), the founders already had many years of experience within a rural mission organisation that conducted high profile short outreach programmes at the request of village churches across the UK. But even though these were deemed to be very successful, this approach was reaching far less than 1% of the rural population. The dream was to use the accumulated wisdom from that experience and from settled ministry in villages, to encourage country churches to develop effective and appropriate mission strategies that would be self-sustainable.


Mission can take various forms. We believe that mission strategies should be carefully designed to fit and suit each church. The process is founded upon biblical principles. The aim is to work sensitively with as many of the members of your regular Sunday congregation as possible to develop strategies that feel right for you, and are appropriate for who and where you are.  In other words - a bespoke approach rather that taking something off the peg that will not work as well.


By listening carefully and working with as many people from the congregation as possible we have found that personal faith has been clarified and strengthened and a sense of purpose encourages individual Christians and the whole church.


In this section of the website, you will find more information. But why not start a no-obligation conversation with a mission consultant, for which there is no charge.


Why Choose a Tailored Mission Approach?
Simple summary explaining the advantages of a tailored approach compared with other options for mission.
Why Choose a Tailored Approach.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [88.3 KB]
Loaves and Fishes - a Model for Mission
Some thought on how this miracle relates to today's challenge to engage in mission.
Loaves and Fishes.pdf
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David and Goliath - No Contest!
Why Goliath never stood a chance. An encouragement in mission.
David and Goliath No Contest.pdf
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