Encouraging Friendship Evangelism

In the past evangelism has often had an unhelpful image.  Sadly sometimes this is of an agressive style.  Or it might be linked to an exceptionally gifted person such as Dr Billy Graham, or influenced by something seen on TV.


But evangelism is about sharing good news and that is something we all ought to be comfortable doing with our friends.  So, apart from the image problem, what might hinder people in your church from sharing the good news about Jesus.


Not certain what to say?


Afraid of being misunderstood or judged?


Fear of rejection?


These are just some of common issues.  But with a little of the right kind of help such problems can melt away.


We offer a One Day Event (typically 10.00 to 3.30) where various aspects of Friendship Evangelism are shared in an informal, friendly and interactive format.  This might be an ideal event for a Church Away Day.


Whatever your denomination or tradition the event is run in an appropriate and sensitive way.


The only cost is to cover travelling expenses (and one overnight accommodation if necessary).


If you would like to know more please start a conversation today.  Simply email your personal contact details and a little about your church or other group interested.  This will not commit you and we will not pressure you.  Click here to open an email.

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