Data Protection

Rural Mission Solutions maintains data in various forms, such as mailing lists of supporters or clients.  Since the introduction of Data Protection regulations we have ensured that we comply fully and maintain high standards.  In May 2018 new and more rigorous regulations came into force, known as General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 


GDPR affects...

  • how we collect personal data (e.g. names and addresses of prayer partners);
  • how we store this information;
  • how we use the information.

​We are obligated to inform everyone whose data we hold.  Anyone may ask for the record to be deleted or copied to them.


We never share your data with anyone else unless we are given clear explicit instructions.  Where we use a third party mailing system we ensure that this organisation has a rigorous data protection policy.


How we collect data

We have always maintained a safe data protection policy.  With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations, we contacted each person whose names and contact information we already held.  Each person  was asked to affirm that they were willing for us to hold this information and use it as indicated.  Sadly , a consequence of this was to lose contact with a number of good friends who failed to respond despite several reminders.  However, we felt that following GDPR directives is important, and people can be assured that we  do so pedantically.  New contact details come from online respponses and face to face contact.


How we store data
Almost all the data is stored electronically and is securely protected.  Where this is stored remotely (cloud storage) this is also secure with limited access granted to a limited number of persons and on strict terms.

Records on paper are kept in a secure system within our office.


If information is transported at any time (e.g. on a laptop or USB memory stick, this is also under strict conditions. Data copied onto USB memory systems will be erased as soon as the purpose for transferring information is completed.  Data previously stored on CD for back-up purposes is being destroyed.


Any person may ask us to delete their personal record at any time.  We will comply within four days.  Information will only be kept so long as it is relevant to do so.  There will be periodic 'housekeeping' to ensure that we are not keeping information unnecessarily.


How we use the data
In most cases, the data we collect is in the form of names and contact details for the purposes of sending information about this organisation, our activities, and plans (e.g. prayer letters).  In some situations we may keep a record of what resources have been used and how often people have attended online seminars. Where financial support is concerned there will be a record of donations made.  Financial records are destroyed automatically after six years.


In all cases, the reason for holding information will be clearly explained and available upon requesst.


It is a strict policy that we will not pass on any information to third parties.  We will always respect your privacy.


If you require further information or would like to see the full text of the policy, please contact the address on the Contact page of this website.

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