Tailoring Mission to fit and suit YOUR Church

Imagine a church committed to a mission strategy that fits your situation perfectly and is a style with which local Christians feel comfortable.  That's what "Tailored Mission Solutions" are all about.


Put simply we could say that there are two aspects to any Christian mission activity.


Firstly, there is God's involvement without which we would be wasting our time. We are entirely dependent upon God's guidance, enablement, and for fruit from our endeavours. Secondly, there is our part as his servants in his mission. We need to ask, "What does God expect of us if we are to share in his mission?" Tailoring Mission strategies focus on the human side of the partnership, though we want to keep it informed by scripture.


Most thinking Christians understand that God equips or enables each Christian for his purposes. This principle lies at the heart of the concept of mission. In 1Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and again in Ephesians 4 the apostle Paul writes about the gifts that God provides so that the Church (universal) can function properly in ministry and mission.


But it is a simple step to move from the concept of individual unique roles in ministry and mission to the concept of each church having a unique role as a collection of unique individuals. Added to that most rural dwellers reach the conclusion that their village also has certain unique characteristics.

Given these facts why are we so often using "off the peg" mission programmes when just a little effort would enable us to tailor strategies that fit the church comfortably and suit its character and context? In this way we do not have the stress caused when square pegs are squeezed into round holes! Instead everyone who is part of the church discovers how they fit comfortably into just the right strategies.


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Why Choose a Tailored Mission Approach?
Simple summary explaining the advantages of a tailored approach compared with other options for mission.
Why Choose a Tailored Approach.pdf
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CD contains PowerPoint Show

This free CD contains a narrated PowerPoint Slide Show and is ideal as an introduction to the concept of developing tailored mission strategies that fit the local situation and with which the local church members will feel comfortable.


Email a request for your free copy to sunrise@ruralmissions.org.uk.

Loaves and Fishes - a Model for Mission
Some thought on how this miracle relates to today's challenge to engage in mission.
Loaves and Fishes.pdf
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David and Goliath - No Contest!
Why Goliath never stood a chance. An encouragement in mission.
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