Tailoring Mission Strategies - The Notes

We are in the process of developing a Leaders Workbook that will set out the principles and provide outlines for each step in the process.  This is based upon the work we have undertaken with churches from various denominations.


As these are written up they will appear here.  We also intend to make short videos available for each step that you will also be able to download.


You are welcome to use the notes as they appear.  We also welcome any comments you might wish to make.


In their present form they are not marked copyright and do not contain the name of Rural Mission Solutions or our parent charity, Sunrise Ministries.  However, copyright is asserted and the appropriate script will be added later.  For this reason you are asked not to copy or distribute copies in any form without direct permission.


You might also like to look at tailoredmissions.blogspot.com and at the other pages in this section.

Tailoring Mission Strategies - Introduction
Leaders should download and read this chapter first.
Adobe Acrobat document [395.0 KB]
Tailoring Mission Strategies - Step One
This session explores the concept of mission. It contains interactive exercises and a biblical reflection.
Step 1 What is mission.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [534.7 KB]

Please note that there are four steps in the process.  Papers outlining Steps 2 to 4 will be published soon.  Please return to read these.

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