This free webinar,lasting just 45 minutes, is part of a series of webinars based on working with the seasons when planning mission activities.


The co-presenters are Barry Osborne and Gordon Banks.  Both have extensive experience in rural mission and both keep abreast with new resources, and research on appropriate and effective strategies.


The webinar is free and you can enjoy it from your home.  All you need is to book the time in your diary and then make sure that you are online and have sound turned on.  However, it is essential that you register in advance.  To do this click the link below.


Once you register you will be sent a unique link to use on the day of the webinar.  You will also receive some helpful notes to help you get the best out of the experience.  As part of the presentation there are free handouts and other downloadable resources.


We encourage you to invite others in your church or organisation to register.  This not only spreads the benefits, it will also make it easier to implement any of the ideas into your programme.  Each person will need to register to attend.  Please note:  if you intend to project the live webinar in your church or as part of a conference, we ask you to obtain permission from the Rural Mission Solutions Office.

We can help you?

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Or use our online contact form.

Lots of Great Ideas!

Take a look at our Free Online Seminars section where you will find video recordings of past webinars together with handouts.  Great if you missed a webinar but attending one is always better.

Click here to go direct.

Local Rural Mission Consultation

An excellent way for helping rural church leaders.  Why not consider one for your area?

Oxford Diocese - Mission & Discipleship Event

Find the Paper and supporting PowerPoint presentation relating to the event organised by the Diocese of Oxford.

Rural Evangelism Survey Report

The results of a survey into rural evangelism can be found on News and Events section.

No Ordinary Man

Check out the section on "No Ordinary Man".  We are giving away hundreds of copies of this excellent book to rural churches in the UK.

Thank you for your prayers and Support

You faithfulness in prayer and support for this ministry are vital to us and very much appreciated.  The easiest way to keep up to date is to sign up for the weekly emailed news.  This is also published at ruralmission.blogspot.com