Imagine having the opportunity of a really helpful seminar on rural mission topics, free of charge, and held at a place just around the corner.  How useful would that be?  Well, we offer something even better.


We regularly offer interactive seminars you can attend from your own home or office, led by experts and free of charge.  All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with sound.


Each Webinar is designed to last around 45 minutes.  They are held on various days of the week but we have found early Saturday mornings work well.


Click the links on the left to find the videos and handouts from previous webinars.

Who would find these webinars helpful?

They are designed primarily for rural churches but churches in other locations may find them helpful.  They are a must for anyone in leadership in a rural church (lay or ordained), but we recommend encouraging as many people in your church to watch these presentations.  This will help implementing any of the ideas you find in the webinar, and reduce possible resistance to change.  Share your experience with others and gain the benefits.

Next Webinar: Saturday 21st October

Other Recent Webinars

Mission Ideas for Summer Months


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Mission Ideas for the Spring


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Mission Ideas for the Winter Months


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What People Say

"Very Encouraging"   "Really helpful"


These were the unaimously positive comments received after a previos Online Seminar on Friendship Evangelism.


Similar enthusiastic comments have followed other webinars we have run.  If there is a topic on the list, or another topic you would like us to address please contact us.  We would love to be helpful in your mission.

How does it work?

We prrovide a link for registration (see above) This will ask for your name and email address.  Those registering receive a confirmation email containing a unique link. Shortly before the time and day of the webinar attenders click the link in the confirmation email, then watch the screen.  As long as they have sound turned on everything will run smoothly.  There is no charge and no third parties will exploit your details.

What will I hear and see?

There will be one or more presenters who will introduce themselves to you.  The presentation is by PowerPoint.  There will normally be a useful handout that you can download.  You get the opportunity to listen again to a recording and to download the slides if you wish.


Rural Sunrise Solutions is happy to collaborate with others who have knowledge of relevant topics and appropriate skills.  We are concerned to offer a quality service.

How is it Interactive?

During the Webinar you can type in questions.  As many as possible will be answered either during or at the end of the presentation.  You may also be asked to take part in a simple poll to answer a question posed by the presenter.  At the close there is a short questionnaire and the opportunity to suggest topics of interest to you.

The Topics

We are always looking out for any new issues and topics so the following is not a complete list but will give you some idea of what is available.


Developing Your Own Mission Strategies

Building Consensus for Mission

Three Steps to Effective Rural Evangelism

Effective Stands at County Shows

The Annual Mission Cycle

Ideas for Mission in Spring

Ideas for Mission in Summer

Ideas for Mission in Autumn

Ideas for Mission in Winter

Rural Ecumenism and Mission

Exploring Fresh Expressions for Rural Churches

What is Appropriate Rural Evangelism?

Becoming a Confident Witness

Is your Image Hindering You?

Releasing the Potential of Your Children

What might discipleship look like in a rural church?


We are still talking with others on the delivery of some of the topics listed above.  We are also considering whether there would be interest in a regular series especially for children in rural areas that could be helpful to those whose situation is remote or as a supplement for what is already on offer through the local church.

Don't Miss Out

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We can help you?

Find out how by contacting us at:


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Lots of Great Ideas!

Take a look at our Free Online Seminars section where you will find video recordings of past webinars together with handouts.  Great if you missed a webinar but attending one is always better.

Click here to go direct.

Local Rural Mission Consultation

An excellent way for helping rural church leaders.  Why not consider one for your area?

Oxford Diocese - Mission & Discipleship Event

Find the Paper and supporting PowerPoint presentation relating to the event organised by the Diocese of Oxford.

Rural Evangelism Survey Report

The results of a survey into rural evangelism can be found on News and Events section.

No Ordinary Man

Check out the section on "No Ordinary Man".  We are giving away hundreds of copies of this excellent book to rural churches in the UK.

Thank you for your prayers and Support

You faithfulness in prayer and support for this ministry are vital to us and very much appreciated.  The easiest way to keep up to date is to sign up for the weekly emailed news.  This is also published at